The Biblical Unitarian Podcast

002: The Human Jesus Anticipated in the Old Testament (part one)

February 9, 2018

In the first century C.E., Jesus was recognized by his followers as the "Messiah," a title denoting the anointed king of the kingdom in whom all of Israel's theology would find their climax. This office of Messiah came with a set of qualifications (i.e, job descriptions), and these qualifications are set out within the Old Testament (Hebrew Bible).

This episode of the Biblical Unitarian Podcast begins to survey the qualifications of the Messiah set out within the Old Testament, finding primarily that the passages which various Jewish groups drew upon to characterize the anticipated Messiah seem to regard this figure as an authentic human being. We hope that this episode encourages you to dust off your Old Testament so that you can start some healthy conversations regarding the important topic of Jesus Christ's identity.

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