The Biblical Unitarian Podcast

166: Mark’s High Human Christology (Chapters 7-8)

April 1, 2021

Mark is able to tell us about his high Christology by using healing stories of Jesus. We first look at the exorcism of the daughter of the Syrophoenician woman, who offers worship to Jesus and calls him "Lord." We then look at the first of two two-stage healing stories to see how Mark frames miracles by involving multiple steps. Just as the first stage of healing was not enough to fully restore sight to the blind man, the first confession by Peter is not enough to fully understand Mark's Christology. We lastly note that Peter, like the blind man, was in need of healing with his faulty understanding of Jesus' messianic role. After all is said and done, we marvel that Mark has repeatedly portrayed Jesus as a highly authorized human agent of the true God.

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